Welcome to Advanced Ultrasound Services.

Advanced Ultrasound Services is a multi-lingual practice, conveniently located in Tampa, Florida, near St. Josephs Women’s Hospital, offering services in both English and Spanish. Led by expert Sonographer, Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 1.25.24 PMSusan Guidi, the practice is dedicated to bridging the gap between prenatal “mall” mentality entertainment sonography and medical ultrasound. Advanced Ultrasound Services provides an excellent approach for parents to “meet” the new baby, while creating a personal and private environment for extended families to share together.

Susan Guidi Sets the Standard for Medical Imaging.

Doctor’s trust their patients to Susan Guidi and her staff, as she is uniquely qualified to offer expert diagnosis in all areas of obstetrics and gynecology. From early gender imaging (as early as 14 weeks) to closeup imaging of the baby’s facial features, Susan Guidi guides parents and their families through each 4D session with unparalleled compassion and understanding. To read doctor and patient testimonials, click here.

The Miracle of Affordable 4D Packages With Informed Prenatal Evaluations!

Each and every one of our 3D/4D imaging Keepsake Sessions + Packages come with Advanced Ultrasound Services’ SIGNATURE Informed Prenatal Evaluation – invaluable information to share with your physician, for more informed obstetrical management and prenatal care. Ready to book your appointment? See why doctors trust us. Call 813-967-5949 and schedule your baby’s 3D/4D expert ultrasound today.

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“I am thrilled that as an expert obstetric sonographer, Susan Guidi, has made her services available to expectant mothers like me who just need a little more information and reassurance!” -Maureen J.Maciel, M.D