Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will ultrasound harm my baby?

It has been over 35 years since ultrasound was first used on pregnant women. Unlike X-rays, ionizing irradiation is not present and embryo toxic effects associated with such irradiation should not be relevant. Harmful effects in cells of experimental animals or humans have not been demonstrated in the large amount of studies that have so far appeared in the medical literature purporting to the use of diagnostic ultrasound. Findings in one study reporting lower birth-weights in babies exposed to prenatal ultrasound have not been reproducible.

How early can I find out the sex of my baby, is it reliable?

At Advanced Ultrasound Services we are proud to determine the gender of your baby by 14 weeks. Thanks to today’s technology ultrasound can be 100% reliable in determining the sex of your baby.

Is there any special preparation necessary for the 3D sonogram?

Yes, “fluid is our friend” and we’ve found that being well hydrated prior during pregnancy makes for better images as the level of amniotic fluid around the baby may actually increase with adequate fluid intake(80-90 ounces/day).

Do I have to have a full bladder?

No, requiring a full bladder is not necessary and is an outdated practice,torture in fact! If my pregnant mommies are well hydrated there is no need to be uncomfortable holding your bladder.

Can family and/or friends be present at the time of the ultrasound?

Yes, we encourage patients to bring whomever they’d like to have share in this special experience. Siblings are also encouraged to participate.

How is the exam documented?

Advanced Ultrasound Services is proud to offer the ability to record your exam in “real time’ on DVD. All the still images are recorded on a CD and black and white prints are also given out. Parents and family are also able to take pictures during the exam on smart phones if they like.