Ultrasound Packages

Advanced Ultrasound Packages

Advanced Ultrasound gift certificates are perfect for baby showers!

Advanced Ultrasound Services offers parents-to-be an exclusive glimpse into their baby’s development. Our ultrasound packages are a personal and unique way to look back on the first time you laid eyes on your child. Unlike other entertainment ultrasound providers, Advanced Ultrasound Services  provides an EXCLUSIVE Family Memory Track,  high quality audio narrative of recorded memories that will take you on a tour of your baby’s fetal space. And each  package comes with an informed prenatal evaluation, leading to better obstetrical management and care!

EXCLUSIVE 14 WEEK+ Gender/Early Anatomy Session
A sonogram imaging session to determine the sex of your baby ( as early as 14 weeks).

Physicians Choice Package I One Session
A 30-40 minute 3D/4D sonogram imaging session. 

Deluxe Physicians Choice Package I Two Sessions
Two 30-minute 3D/4D sonogram imaging sessions.

All sessions include digital images shared directly to your mobile device and can be easily shared with loved ones. Advanced Ultrasound gift certificates are a great present for soon-to-be-parents!